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Artivism exhibitions connected to the Organization of American States (OAS)

The Latin American Programs at the Victims of Communism Memorial Foundation has organized different art and photograph exhibitions in collaboration with the Organization of American States and the Art Museum of the Americas (AMA) to raise awareness about the human rights violations perpetrated by the Cuban and Venezuelan communist regimes.

This virtual tour represents three of these art exhibitions and galleries.

The Cuban contemporary art exhibition “The Veil of Silence” was held at the OAS’ AMA from October 27 to November 15, 2021.  This exhibition addresses the harsh reality of Cuba from the perspective of contemporary art and reflects on the social impoverishment of a sick population who is starting to wake up to the need to change their life situation and to the different citizen participation mechanisms available to them to do that.

By examining topics such as the madness and its social repercussions, the role of public health’s medical doctors in repressing dissidents and reflecting on how much public health and related communal services have worsened, these artists are inviting the audience to take a closer look at a distressed and exhausted people who have finally begun removing the “veil of silence”. t


Curated by: Ana Olema and Valia Garzón Díaz, Celia & Yunior, the exhibition portrays works by Damaris Betancourt, Celia & Yunior, Henry Eric Hernández & Celia & Yunior, Ana Olema, and featuring “Patria y Vida” artists, Luis Manuel Otero Alcántara, Anyelo Troya, and Eliexer Marquez Duany “El Funky”.

During the same period, the exhibition “Venezuela Resists, Images of a Tragedy” displays two important artistic visions of Venezuela’s decline: one by renowned Venezuelan artist VASCO SZINETAR, who explores the “unnamable edges of these misgivings”, and the new visions of Venezuelan photographers participating in the contest “Venezuela in Contrast” who offer a glimpse of daily life through their lenses.

The third gallery, “No nos sirve de nada el miedo” (Fear is of no use to us) was held in collaboration with Umbrella Art Foundation, and the GDCA gallery, in parallel to the 9th Summit of the Americas in Los Angeles, California.

Organized under the curatorship of activists, Ana Olema and Claudia Genlui, the exhibition features the participation of the Venezuelan artists Muu Blanco, Andrés Michelena and Victor Alfonzo Navarro Lopez, and the Cubans Aryam Rodríguez, Luis Manuel Otero Alcántara, Nelson Jalil, Sandra Ramos, Sandra Ceballos, Ángel Delgado, Yulier P., Alejandro Ulloa, David D’Omni, Ana Olema, and the poet Katherine Bisquet, whose poem gives the exhibition its title.


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