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VOC Museum

11J through the lenses of
artivism in Cuba

On the occasion of the first anniversary of July 11 th , 2021 unprecedented demonstrations in Cuba, VOC
organized a series of art exhibitions to commemorate the date and pay tribute to those still in prison in
Cuba. Here we present 4 galleries that took place on this anniversary.

“When Rebellion is an Act of Justice” proposes the work of visual artists who illustrated, based on public
opinion, what has been experienced on the island in terms of social, economic, and political aspects
since 2021.

The graphic art exhibition “Silent Screams” took place in the “Latin Quarter” in the heart of Calle 8,
Miami, the epicenter of Cuban culture in freedom. In recent times, a movement of young Cuban graphic
artists has emerged who, with their poster work, have documented the events of national indignation
against communism, have used their work to make visible causes and political prisoners and have
managed to be the active memory of this civil society condemned to silence by the Havana regime.
“Inhabiting Cuba” seeks to highlight the public communication gesture of three urban artists, belonging
to three different areas of the country, with a background in the world of graffiti.

Finally, “One Year Since the Cry for Freedom” is an exhibition that brings together 12 works by artists
from Cuba, some of whom are still in the country and hope that someday they will be able to show their
art without fear of reprisal.

Through these exhibitions, independent artists defend their rights and show the world what is
happening in Cuba. These exhibitions offer them the opportunity to share their art and their truth with
the world, despite the frustration they have experienced due to censorship.