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11J Through the Lens of Artivism in Cuba

On the first anniversary of 11J, the unprecedented demonstrations that swept across Cuba on July 11, 2021, the Victims of Communism Memorial Foundation organized a series of art exhibitions to commemorate those who stood united across the island and remember those still imprisoned simply for calling for liberty. VOC is proud to present these galleries via a new virtual reality experience so the free world can stand united with the people of Cuba.

When Rebellion is an Act of Justice showcases the social, economic, and political realities of life for every day Cubans since the 11J protests, as illustrated by visual artists.


The graphic art exhibition Silent Screams took place in the “Latin Quarter” in the heart of Calle 8, Miami — the epicenter of Cuban culture and freedom. Since 11J, a new wave of young Cuban graphic artists has begun documenting the events of national indignation against communism and used their work to make visible the causes and political prisoners of the movement. Through their artivism, the memory of those condemned to silence by the regime in Havana live on. Inhabiting Cuba highlights the public messaging of three urban artists across the island, with a background in the world of graffiti. Finally, One Year Since the Cry for Freedom is an exhibition that brings together 12 works from Cuban artists, some of whom are still on the island and hope for a future in which they can show their art without fear of reprisal.

Through these exhibitions, independent Cuban artists are making a heroic stand for the basic rights that the communist regime so carelessly tramples. These exhibitions offer an opportunity to show the world the truth of what is happening in Cuba — and provide a voice to those who have otherwise been silenced.


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